Class Notes - 08/24/2015

8/24/2015 - Class Notes

This class we are going to be discussing multiple things from the textbook. Re-read some of the sections you discussed later to make sure you understand all of it. Over at DormStormer we hope that this has helped bail you out of trouble. In order to get back to the site once the teacher goes away, simply hit the close button at the top right next to comments and share. If you are the teacher and reading this, cut the kid a break - if your class was more interesting this would have never happened in the first place.

There are several things that can

22 Motivational Pictures To Get You Off Your Ass

July 10, 2013 • Tags: • Posted Under: College Life

1. All it takes is one step to get you started…

#1 take-atleast-one

2. Otherwise, you’ll end up like this guy:

#2 i-wish-i-had-tried

3. Think you have a marathon of a struggle ahead of you? Well, these BLIND guys ran 26.2 miles.

#3 blind-marathon-racer

4. So start by taking the stairs and stop being lazy.

#4 climbs-mount-everest-with-no-legs

5. Because others wished they were as fortunate as you are.

#5 extreme-former-amputee-racing

6. If you are afraid of failure, get over it.

#6 felix-baumgartner's-stratos-jump

7. You’ve got two options, either suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain of regret.

#7 fit-girl-or-fat-girl

8. Don’t make excuses.

#8 girl-lifting-with-one-arm

9. And don’t wait around for things to magically happen.

#9 good-things-come-those-who-go-out-and-fucking-earn-it

10. Face adversity? Turn it into determination.

#10 one-legged-body-builder

11. You’re never too young or too old to make shit happen.

#11 grandma-deadlifting

12. There will always be obstacles in your way.

#12 guy-djing-with-feet

13. So learn to embrace and enjoy the journey, even if it’s tough.

#13 kids-with-prosthetics

14. Because where there’s a will there’s a way. 

#14 whatever-your-excuse-is-it-is-time-to-stop-believing-it

15. Whether it’s finding the courage to talk to the hottie across the bar…

#15 men-stealing-lions-food-motivation

16. Or getting back in shape…

#16 old-trainer-and-client-no-excuses

17. Remember that you’re awesome.

#17 nick-vujici-putts

#18 nick-vujici-goes-off-diving-board

18. And that you can do it.

#19 old-fat-guy-in-front-of-you-motivation

19. Seriously, you fucking can!

#20 nick-vujici-married

20. Now,

#21 imagine-a-world

21. So stop jerking yourself and listen to what this wolf has to say. 

#22 WolfGoDoIt

22. Because you’ve got a lot more potential than you might think. 

#23 never-underestimate-the-power-of-one


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