Class Notes - 09/04/2015

9/4/2015 - Class Notes

This class we are going to be discussing multiple things from the textbook. Re-read some of the sections you discussed later to make sure you understand all of it. Over at DormStormer we hope that this has helped bail you out of trouble. In order to get back to the site once the teacher goes away, simply hit the close button at the top right next to comments and share. If you are the teacher and reading this, cut the kid a break - if your class was more interesting this would have never happened in the first place.

There are several things that can

23 Life Hacks Every Apartment Needs

This list will have you wondering why you never thought of these before...

September 24, 2013 • Tags: • Posted Under: College Life

1. Use your phone as an alarm clock.

#1 cup-as-alarm

2. Or even as speakers.

#2 using-cup-as-speakers

3. Ditch the coffee, eat an apple instead.

#3 Apples-provide-a-better-morning-wake-up-than-a-cup-of-coffee

4. This actually works.

#4 Use-a-wooden-spoon-to-save-an-unwatched-pot-from-boiling-over

5. Because your friends are gypsies.

#5 take-pictures-of-friends-with-your-stuff

6. Want to look good for the interview? Do this. 

#6 steam-shirt-above-stove copy

7. Prevent your trash bag from leaking.

#7 put-newspaper-at-bottom-of-trash-can-to-absorb-liquirds

8. Use velcro for your remotes. 

#8 never-lose-your-remotes-again

9. Want only egg whites? Use a water bottle. 

#9 life-hacks-how-to-make-your-life-easier-gifs-21

10. The STRAWberry trick.

#10 how-to-remeove-stems-from-strawberry

11. Hate putting together furniture? Check out SmartDeco instead.

#11 smart-deco-furniture

12. Don’t burn yourself!

#12 using-spaghetti-to-light-wick

13. Ever put a waterbottle in the freezer just to have it freeze solid?

#13 ice-cold-drinks-on-the-go

14. Do this to chill your drink fast. 

#14 how-to-make-your-drink-cold-fast

15. Use Pringles cans for storing spaghetti. 

16. Microwave your leftovers the right way. 

#15 cooking-leftovers-properly

17. How to make the perfect sandwich.

#16 how-to-make-grilled-sandwiches

18. How to tell if your avocado is ripe. 

#17 how-to-if-avocado-is-ripe

19. Do this next time when you’re trying microwave multiple things at once. 

#18 how-to-fit-more-things-into-the-microwave copy

20. Lose an earring?

#19 how-to-find-small-things

21. Use duct tape to open up those tight lids. 

#20 a-way-to-open-jars-around-the-house

22. The acidity in Coke can come in useful.

#21 clean-your-toilet-bowl-with-coke

23. The ultimate space saving trick.

Brought to you by our friends at SmartDeco, the makers of ridiculously strong, and highly affordable furniture:



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