Class Notes - 09/04/2015

9/4/2015 - Class Notes

This class we are going to be discussing multiple things from the textbook. Re-read some of the sections you discussed later to make sure you understand all of it. Over at DormStormer we hope that this has helped bail you out of trouble. In order to get back to the site once the teacher goes away, simply hit the close button at the top right next to comments and share. If you are the teacher and reading this, cut the kid a break - if your class was more interesting this would have never happened in the first place.

There are several things that can

29 People Who Do Whatever The F#&k They Want

Sometimes, it's easier not to give a f#&k.

May 22, 2013 • Tags: , • Posted Under: Entertainment, Randomness

This guy sleeping on the job.

#1 dont car asleep

This kid who LOOOVVES cookies.

#2 cookie-monster-kid

This woman enjoying her mid-workout martini.

#3 drinking-a-martini-at-the-gym

This guy who knows that the perfect combination of comfortable and practical is a towel poncho.

#4 guy-in-pancho

This bad ass.


These three guys wearing matching outfits.

#6 guys dressed in cosplay

This woman who never grew up.

#7 girl-in-pajamas

And this guy who needs his coffee before he can start his day.

#8 guy-in-pajamas-in-starbucks

This guy who wont let a little flooding kill his buzz.

#9 guy-in-dorm-room

This guy who really wants to paint those hard to reach places.

#10 guy-on-dangerous-ladder-set-up

This guy who doesn’t give a shit about your picture.

#11 guy-photobombing-girl

This guy who doesn’t care about his health.

#12 guy-smoking-ciggarettes

Brian Wilson doing anything.

#13 brian wilson

This guy who thinks knitting is dope.

#14 guy-who-knits

This guest who hates the guy Janice is marrying.

#15 happy engagement

These jokers.

#16 horse-heads-with-giant-corn

This guy who found the perfect place for his iPad.

#17 ipad-down-pants

This kid who rides escalators in style.

#18 kid-on-escalator

This kid who only cares about hanging out with chicks.

#19 kid with chickens

This guy who thinks that bringing his own lunch isn’t good enough.

#20 kid-with-microwave

These guys who can’t even wait until they get out of class to start day drinking.

#21 kids-drinking-in-class

This car driver who needs to transport his lawnmower no matter what.

#22 lawn mower on car

This old woman who sleeps wherever she damn well pleases.

#23 no-sleeping

This woman who multitasks at the gym.

#24 old-woman-in-curls-at-gym

And this guy who cranks out papers after a long night of partying.

#25 purple-tellitubby


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